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Are you still using the traditional training methods with content-heavy courses and boring classes, yet expecting optimum results? Well, it’s like using a Morse code system in the digital era and expecting it to be fast and affordable.

So, it’s time to RETHINK!!!

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We, at Self-E e-Learning, understand the cognitive load one undergoes due to these content-dumped PPT decks, and Job-aids. Self-E e-Learning Instructional Designer and e-Learning Developers have adopted the standard industrial practices and Instructional designing principles to deliver an outstanding and effective course.

At Self-E,
Interactive Learning = Interesting Training

Has the world evolved from class room training to digital training? Yes, obviously and Why not. Here is the statistics about the growth prediction of the e-learning domain in 2026 (use the prediction image here). It is completely reliable, efficient and comfortable to either train your work force proficiently.


Our e-Learning services include:

Blended Learning

We develop courses, both Knowledge & Interactivity-rich, ensuring efficient and optimum Learner experience.

Computer Based Training

We adopted digital methods for Training purpose, to compete with growing demand of eligible man power.

Web Based Training

In this Internet Era, Education can be accessed from any nook and corner of the world, so in the case of Training.


Still feeling like having a Instructor? No problem, we develop VILT/ILT Courses for same look and feel.



With the cease of Flash, majority of the e-Learning Courses has become out-dated. We convert the obsolete courses in Flash to HTML5 using Authoring Toolsrecreating or redesigning the course, based on the requirement. 

Online Education
End-to-End Development

We develop the courses from Inputs (scratch) to the Final Versions of the courses, maintaining the Instructional and Designing Standards and the Clients' specifications. 

**Please refer our courses in Sample Section.

Why should we adopt e-Learning?

The 70-20-10 Model for Learning and Development is a common formula that prevail in the training profession to describe the sources of learning for the workforce. It holds that individuals obtain:

*. 70 percent of their knowledge from job-related experiences
*. 20 percent from interactions with others
*. 10 percent from formal educational events

We are the Professionals in key elements of e-Learning courses viz. Instructional Designing, e-Learning Development and Graphic Designing. Our Instructional Designers strictly follow the Industrial Standards as well as the global standards of instructional designing.  

We’re budding Team of e-Learning Professionals, yet we are on our way to make a difference.

  • 50+ hours of e-learning courses
  • 50+ Blended & Micro-Learning courses
  • 10+ Clients
  • 4.5/5 star rating
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